We are very, very excited to bring your our first draft of our first online shop at last!

To test our new systems, we are offering free delivery for your first three orders in the month of September and ask for your patience if we don’t get it perfect first time.  The humans are fully focussed and checking everything very closely.

We hold physical stock of around 6,500 of the 19,000 products we have sold over the last 60-odd years in Pinetown.  Of these, we are testing this site with 1,500 for now, adding 50 to 100 products per week.  If you don’t find what you are looking for here, please call or mail us and one of our experienced sales team will sort you out!

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These are just some of our newly added products...

R2.02 each or less

This trendy 'Gun Metal' (deep shiny grey colour) plastic base, metal cap has a 17mm in diameter.

R5.84 each or less

We carry a wide range of decorative and/or functional sliders.

R17.81 each or less

This precision screw is loved by Ad agencies, menus and notebooks across the country.

R0.63 each or less

A 'Gun Metal' (deep shiny grey colour) South African mild steel 10mm eyelet.